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Types of Glass

When you choose Milgard as your patio door and window manufacturer, you automatically receive the best window glass in the industry. Milgard's dual-pane, SunCoat™ Low-E insulating glass is renowned for all year, all around comfort.

SunCoat™ Low-E window glass comes standard on all Milgard Vinyl, Fiberglass, and Aluminum windows and doors. The benefits of SunCoat™ Low-E window glass are clear:

  • Reduces solar heat gain for lower summer cooling costs
  • Helps block heat loss for lower winter heating costs
  • Reduces harmful UV rays that fade carpet and furniture by up to 78%

We're concerned about the environment, and energy conservation is important to every project we work on. Milgard Windows is an Energy Star® Partner. That means the SunCoat™ Low-E glass coating provides such exceptional energy-saving qualities that it has been recognized by Energy Star®. The fact is, Milgard windows frequently exceed Federal Department of Energy standards.

Specialty Glass Options

Milgard offers many combinations of window glass for everything from sun and noise protection to ensuring your privacy and safety. Shown here are some of our most popular glass options.


Milgard's obscure door and window glass protects your privacy but allows abundant light to enter the room. Choose from a variety of colors and texture patterns for a translucent to semi-opaque effect. Choices include P516, Aquatex, #42 Clear, Glue Chip, Narrow Reed, Cross Reed, Rain, and Solid Translucent Etch Matte.

  • P516P516
  • Narrow Reed 1/8"Window GlassNarrow Reed 5/32"
  • Cross Reed 5/32" Window GlassCross Reed 5/32"
  • Aquatex Window GlassAquatex
  • #42 Clear Window Glass#42 Clear
  • Glue Chip Window GlassGlue Chip
  • Rain Window GlassRain
  • Solid Translucent Etch MatteSolid Translucent Etch Matte


Tinted door and window glass provides additional shading from direct sunlight and warm conditions. Choose from a variety of tones and thicknesses from which to choose. Tones include Bronze, Graylite Solex, Evergreen, and Azurlite.

  • SunCoat Low-E™SunCoat Low-E™
  • BronzeBronze
  • GrayGray
  • EvergreenEvergreen
  • AzurliteAzurlite

Additional Glass Options

For even higher performance, Milgard offers these door and window glass options.


Tempered glass is extremely strong and often used for its safety characteristics. Not only is it extra strong, but when it breaks, it breaks into little pebble-like pieces without sharp edges. Tempered glass is ideal for reducing the likelihood of injury in the event of breakage in applications like patio doors, side lights, and bathroom enclosures for showers and tubs.


Laminated glass is highly effective in reducing noise. It also eliminates 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, providing the highest degree of protection from the sun for your home furnishings. Concerned about excessive outdoor noise? Get the utmost protection against noise with our Sound Control Windows.


Optional argon gas, used between panes, is also available to further improve thermal performance.

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